ALEX, the Bodeguero cross


I can’t tell you how much my heart bursts when I read your updates. The care and love you have given this boy is second to none. I know it’s not always been an easy road but it’s wonderful to hear about his character and personality shining through. I often find myself looking at Ginny and thinking about what a change she has experienced and it’s the same for Alex. What a lucky, lucky boy he is x
Alex had his first xmas (maybe his first xmas anywhere other than a shelter) with us today so we made it as much about him as we possibly could. It started with a good long walk and then pressies back home. As far as he was concerned it was already a good day but when dinner time came he couldn't believe his luck. Turkey and turkey neck with lots of veggies and gravy. He sniffed it and then almost face planted (one of my son's descriptive phrases) in it. He just loved it.
He was a bit unsure about all of us having a rather noisy xmas dinner together so I let him get under the table between my feet. He snoozed quite happily then.
He is now curled up asleep and happy. He has had a very happy day. :heart:
It's been a while since my last update but that is only because I have been busy with the dogs. Alex has grown in confidence and is a happy boy in every way. He and Amber are still as thick as thieves and always looking for trouble together. They often sleep entangled together. They look like a pile of spare dog parts when they are like that. :)
His training has come along in leaps and bounds and I have tried a few agility bits with him. He learns amazingly but can get bored very quickly. I have worked out ways to keep changing things around and he loves this. It has also helped him realise that he doesn't always have to have everything in strict routine.
He is now very good with strangers which is great as both grown sons have now got new girlfriends. He was a bit barky with them at first but I immediately commandeered the girls and trained them in calming games etc. They get along fine now.
He has decided that OH gives the best massages ever and will ask for one most evenings now. OH is happy to oblige so we end up with a very relaxed puddle of a dog before bed time. He grins like a fool when it starts.:D
This Easter weekend the three younger dogs had extra walks ( Bear stayed home as it was all too much for him) and were absolutely wrecked at the end of it. Alex was perfectly behaved the whole time. Sons and girlfriends took them on long walks and came back saying how good he was and how well he recalled. He now loves water as long as it isn't coming from a hose and spent a lot of time jumping in and out of the stream.
He is still very much my dog and I am ok with that as I think he just needs one special person he can always find and come back to. He is able to go off and play with the others out of my sight now though and that is a huge tell that he has grown in confidence.
He still has a lovely sense of humour and loves to make us laugh. The sound of laughter has him grinning and acting giddy. He is a smart little boy and I can't help melting when he is around.:love:
Amber has taught him to play tug (usually with a tea towel :rolleyes:) which he loves. She has also taught him to get into bins! We have now changed the bins to those ones that lock. Once he learns something there is no going back and he never forgets.
All in all he is happy and relaxed. He rarely stresses now and is easily calmed. With calm and patience he is becoming a lovely, joyful dog.