ALEX, the Bodeguero cross

Alex doesn't like the heat. In fact he hates it. He has planted himself in front of the fans and woe betide anyone who tries to move him. He's a grumpy little sod when it is hot and goes around grumbling and chasing everyone away from "his spot".
I have decided to calmly enter his spot and quietly play calming games with him. So far this seems to be working well. I hate the heat too so I am more than happy to sit in front of the fans with him as long as he is happy for me to do so. He has now learnt that the other dogs can walk past him and even sit quite close to him without having to explode at them. I knew how he felt as I am a grumpy bitch in very hot weather so the calming games have been good for both of us.
Alex is not an aquapup so where the others will climb into their pond to cool off he only has the fans. The others will also play with the hose but he hates it with a passion. If that were all I had I'd be grumpy too.
Otherwise he is a bit overweight again.:rolleyes: So time to go back on a bit of a diet. The dogs have their morning walk earlier in the summer so that they can still run around and get plenty of exercise before it gets too hot.
He narrowly missed a fox this morning. OH saw it as he and Poppy were ambling along together and recalled Alex and Amber. The fox disappeared into the woods and Alex never saw it. I'm not sure what might have happened had he spotted it and I wasn't willing to find out.
As the day cools down he becomes the loving,silly,happy little boy that we all know and love. I miss that during the heat but I know he will come back as the day cools off.


Mama Red HOT Pepper
Isn't that funny considering the heat he must have lived through in Spain? Carbon is the same way: keeps wanting to go out but when we do he wants to turn right back around and go back home. These Spanish boys sure get used to moderate temps - and cushy pillows - quickly!