Coffi Lab

In ten years time we may not be able to give a Lab the exercise it needs.
I never understand this.. maybe my Labrador is broken but Stanley really doesn’t have high exercise needs. He never has really. He’s basically a couch potato. He gets about an hour day with plenty of sniffs and he’s happy but that’s what I would give any dog.

My friend’s got a cavapoo. He’s super cute and very bonkers. But he’s so tiny it doesn’t really matter, it’s just a little ball of fluff pouncing about.


Mama Red HOT Pepper
Carbón is a slug. A cuddly, gentlemanly slug, but a slug nonetheless. He’s happy with a time to get his ya-yas out, but whether that’s just a leisurely sniffy walk in town or an hour swim session, he’s happy as a clam. He’s even ok with a 2-3 day stretch of hiding indoors from the rain.

In fact, I’m pretty sure for a quick minute in Italy, he was ready to go on strike over so many long walks. Not enough sofa time!

All my dogs have ended up being coach potatoes - that probably says more about me than them though. 😂


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You lucky people with low energy Labs. Holly needed an all-morning walk if she was going to snooze after lunch. Cocoa was OK with an hour, provided it was twice daily.