Joy at the vets!

I thought about you this morning as Hunter was drooling whilst I got his breakfast ready. The no breakfast is always difficult as they know something is amiss.:hug:
I hope you get answers to find out what is bothering GGJ.


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Well, that has felt like a long day, but we're home now, cosy by the fire ( me) and running around the garden in the dark barking (Joy).
As I suspected she has Osteoarthritis in her right elbow, but thankfully so far the left one looks fine. The vet, who is new to the practice, but clearly very experienced and also lovely, discussed a few options and I have opted for Librella injections every four weeks. She warned me that it usually takes about 6 weeks before you start seeing a real improvement, but said that it's what she'd choose for her own dogs, which sounds good.
Joy ( who has now joined me by the fire) seems fine, although still limpy, which I was told to expect as they have to put the legs in difficult positions to get the Xray views they need. The vet has also said to start gradually increasing her walks to the usual length again, which sounds good to me.
It's lovely to have my girl home safe, also to know that the problem is one that can be, if not completely solved, at least helped.
We have a busy summer to look forward to, with lots of adventures!:happyfeet::tail:
Thankyou for all your lovely messages of support. xxx


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I’m sorry Joy has osteoarthritis and still a bit of a shock even if you suspected it. I hope the Librela helps her :hug: . It’s good to have lots of adventures planned and to look forward to ❤