Lylas first season..

@nayasminime I’m interested in how Lyla’s first season goes - it is not typical here to have a bitch go through a season so I’m very nervous about Prim. I do live in the city and it’s highly populated, so I’m worried about walking, phantom pregnancy and all that. I will be a nervous wreck from 7 months onward trying to figure out if she’s coming into season 😬
So far she has been brilliant. I can really sympathise with you on trying to work out whether they are in season or not - it's so hard! Lyla was 1 on 21st March so she's around 14 months now! Will keep everyone updated with how she is as we progress through the stages 😊 x
I think @Selina27 had it with Cassie?
We certainly did, and it was upsetting. But @nayasminime , as others have said every bitch is different and I would try not to worry about it happening to Lyla too much. You are a kind and conscientious owner and you will be alert to any changes in her and act accordingly I'm sure.
I could list the signs and symptoms Cass went through and how we got though it, but it might not be helpful at this stage. I will if you want me too though! One thing I remember is that it happened quite quickly after her season which surprised me.
@Ashley, try not to be too nervous for Primrose, it is usually very obvious when they are in season. I can appreciate though it must be a concern when you live in a more urban environment (I think you do?) as to how to manage them for the best.