Reubens pad

This pad is taking some healing but thankfully it isnt a weight bearing one so it doesnt seem to be bothering the lad x It is still open but is now hardening and I am being very careful about cleaning it after walks and then applying the gel which seems to be helping . I am to take him back to see Sue on Monday if it isnt a lot better but fingers crossed that wont be necessary , she did say that stitching is often unsuccessful and could cause more trouble than its worth . Its likely that Reuben will always have a gash type scar down the side of that pad but frankly , this isnt a problem for him at all . He is still only having gentle walks, no crashing around in the undergrowth and keeping him out of the river, not easy xxx
Do you think putting on a baby’s bootie might help when he goes out walking? It made the world of difference to Snowie’s paws. They have definitely improved now that they aren’t being chafed on walks. And he stopped licking them, I guess cos they’re not sore anymore, which also helps with not going backwards (licking made them more raw).

Snowie can also now go to the beach. Without the booties, the sand really chafed them and he limped a lot.
@M.F. Reuben doesnt actually weight bare on this pad , its on the back right leg , the one at the back so raised above the ones he walks on , which is a good thing x He isnt licking it or bothering it at all and is happy for me to clean it too so I dont think it can be hurting too much as he would certainly let me know if it was, but thank you x


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When my old dog Robbie cut his pad, the vet gave me a old empty dip bag to put over his paw. It worked great kept his bandage
clean and dry.
@kateincornwall Just caught up on Reuban’s war wound Kate. Murphy took a slice off his carpel pad once. Similar scenes of a bloody massacre as you had. I was expecting a massive wound but when I cleaned it up it was smaller than my little finger nail. It was just a case of keeping it clean and waiting unfortunately. I remember being given some cream usually used on cows udders to put on it :unsure:. Just like @Jelinga said it healed from the inside out, quite weird to see and once it started it then healed quite quickly. Also healing from the inside out stops germs being trapped. Hope it heals up soon :fingers:
Vets this morning and thank goodness , Reubs has been signed off at last :clap: The wound has healed by secondary intention which is literally healing from the inside to the outside , useful method of healing when stitches are not possible . He hasnt been to playgroup in ages, or river play so I`ve been advised to wait one week and then release the beast :nod: xxxx
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