Shamas the rescue....journey of a pound dog

It gets to -25~30 here.

Right now, its -1~+3 and wet. He's got a slicker for cold rain. I'd don't bother with coats, etc in yards or parks but I don't walk fast enough to keep his temp up and he shivers in the car until it warms up

I don't do boots because much of what we walk through is sloppy slush and he'd lose them. The city mostly just sands, or uses a sand/salt mix. Leaves a mess that makes me wish they'd not bothered lol

I see what you mean about coats being uncomfortable though~ this hoodie is great but the two coats I tried on didn't leave much room for mobility. You want space around the legs to move freely.
At 1 year, and a few months, Shamas is doing remarkably well. He's not as twitchy as before, nor is he as fearful, walking with tail perpetually tucked. He's down to a nightmare about once a fortnight.

His dog aggression is reduced to window barking or dogs that get too close. He's now quite willing to turn and walk away from all comers, and is downright friendly to Petsmart dogs.

His general fear of noises outside is still a thing. I still deal with the "no walk days" and the "absolutely refuse to walk down that street" as marked by a planting of the hindquarters and face pointed homewards. Still can't get him near traffic.

Sudden movements cause startle, and he spooks easily. He was spooked by an umbrella at Chapters one day, but the owner was good enough to pass it over so that I could show him it was no threat. This shows an ability to now explore new things, instead of automatically adding them to his list of fears

Training is going very well, and he's now walking loose-leash without the need for harness. Only on the way home with his prize does he still pull but that's not arm-wrenching anymore

His seperation anxiety is still a thing. I went out today and no sooner did I leave than he set off barking. Hubby was home, trying to sleep off night shift, and took him into the bedroom with him. I wonder if I should go back to putting him in the room when I leave? Crating him when I left cause MORE anxiety so I have been leaving him in the house but then he barks at passers by:/
Shamas walked past a dog on the same side of the street as him! About 4 days ago I held my breath the whole time lol! Probably looked silly praising him for doing what normal dogs do, but this was a first for Shamas :dug:

He's also getting braver with the noises- He led me down to a main road at night. Not a regular thing, but still a milestone, and we mark those with all the issues he started with.

He's been graduated to a flat leather collar, and only wears his harness for the car, or casual sniffy walks now. Hubby prefers the harness(and can't figure out why he drags him over every time I cross the parking lot to fetch coffee lol)

We had a period of aggressive barking on the car, but that seems to be better now. Fingers crossed.
Fingers also crossed that the Mastiff that charged at us the other day doesn't cause Shamas to regress. I thought it was going to bite him but it only yelled in his face. Teenagers! humph! Hopeflully those neighbours get him trained before he's an adult, because a 150lb brat is a real handful. I notice they don't walk him-period. They drive him out to dog parks, and put him in the yard. Ah well, unless he acts out again, it's not my problem:hmm:
Shamas walked past a dog on the same side of the street as him! About 4 days ago I held my breath the whole time lol! Probably looked silly praising him for doing what normal dogs do, but this was a first for Shamas

Well done you and Shamas! Considering Carbon's own challenges in this area, I appreciate what a huge deal this accomplishment is. Don't worry about looking silly - the only thing that matters is that Shamas knew how well he'd done and how proud you were. :D
Shamas went to the vet today. I did log it in the thread about his torn nail, but I'm going to update here, for my own personal use too.

He's 67.8lb (down from 68.9 in October)-> ideal weight 66lb No, he's not currently on a diet, but I'm not currently actively training, so less treats. Doc wants me to lay off the fatty people foods (chicken, peanut butter, timbits, cheese) and instead feed him carrots, honeydew, watermelon:puke: I'm sure Shams will love that!

Oh and Vet wants him on Hills Oral T/D diet to maintain his good oral health. I'm certain these guys get kickbacks from Hills, because I've never taken an animal in that they didn't try to put on Hills
Teeth are Excellent, so I bought only toothpaste and water additive today for oral health. Was considering a monthly care plan that includes dental, but left it to next year.

Good thing he was seen for his claw, because he was "this close" to an ear infection. I have instructions on how to clean his ears to avoid that.

RE the nail: "trauma is minimal and should resolve on it's own" the broken bit was trimmed off and all claws cut nice and short.

the other thing we did today, which I considered important, given Shamas age: I signed him up for the "Firth Class Plan" which for $100/month includes:
Exam and core vaccines
Biannual exam includes eye pressure test and blood pressure check
fecal 2x/year
Urinalysis 1/year
Early detection bloodwork, including 17clip, CBC and Electrolytes once a year
Examination/consultation(Unlimited all year for any reason)
Thyroid test
Four desease testing
1 extra mini bloodwork Panel, including 6 clip and CBC
Wellness Radiographs(3 views)
Signiature birthday Mani-Pedi
5% firth Class rewards on every dollar spent for the patient on the health plan
Free shipping 1X per monthx12 months of the plan
10% off all medications & diagnostics and IN house services
Additional 5% off online store purchases
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Wow, it's been two years already. OCTober 27th was Shamas' adoption date, and we just got in the reminder to have his licensing done for his second year.

He's coming along well- starting to let people near him now.

The installation of some walk-thru gates, and moving of rooms that the cats live in has made drastic improvement on that front--the kitchen back is cat territorry, the kitchen froward is Shamas' area. One cat lives with one teen now, the other with the other...Matt of course goes where he pleases, which is often with Helen in the middle room.

The installation of a gate at the front hall has removed his need to guard the front door, and now it's much more peaceful around here.

He's had his yearly bloodwork, thyroid, urinalysis and heartworm tests...everything came back perfect, except one line(from stealing cat food)....and he's back at his ideal weight. HE goes in late NOV for his shots, so we can register him again with the city.
Wow, has it been nearly 3 years?!

Shamas is finally settling into that "labrador temperament"

He can walk by other dogs now without throwing a fit, provided we're on the other side of the street. He still throws balls at Matt The Catt, and Helen is still determined to drive him out. Midnight thinks that maybe he might not be so bad after long as he keeps his distance and doesn't bark.

COVID-19 really helped a lot, with dog owners social distancing nearly a block from each other, so our dogs didn't run up to meet each other. We've been taking him to work in the evenings, as the store closes so that he can meet people who like dogs and won't push attention on him. So he's getting more comfortable with strangers.