Shamas the rescue....journey of a pound dog

We took Shamas to the Dog Park tonight. He did really well! There were no dogs there when we went in, the dogs that had been there were just leaving due to the mosquito population. I let Shamas off-lead, and he had a good run. Later, a small dog came in, and Shamas greeted it. He was a little unsure, so I did my standard of giving a few seconds and calling him over. He responded and I geve him treats, and we walked around some more. Then a puppy came in. He liked the puppy. It was rambunxious, but is used to the dog park, so it wasn't too rambunxious. They ran around with my son for a bit, and I gave out lots of treats, having them both sit each time.

Shamas' recall was pretty good, though he didnt sit for me- he just came running in from the other side of the field, checked in with an "I'm here!"....and I'm gone again lol. something to work on lol. At least he comes back though-thats a start :p Considering we don't get much chance to work on Recall, I'm pretty happy with what we have so far. it's a good start. When it was time to go, I called him in and said "Ok, ready to go? Let's go!" and headed to the gate" and he went straight to the gate. Thats when I leashed him. I figure that way I can work on recall without ruining it by ending his fun. I'm calling him in and treating him, then releasing him right now
Shamas saw Tiko this morning and didn't fall apart :)

He did bark, but then went to his LAM spot and sat. I praised him, and took him inside to let them get out of sight before taking him for his walk. A little lunging on the way into the door, but nothing I couldn't handle-I just reminded him to go in, and told him to "wait there for AB" He was grinning at me once the screen door shut behind me, and I was standing there holding it in case he jumped at it. He's strong enough that if he jumps just right he can open the screen. We do have a lock on the inside, from when the kids were little-but when we're outside one of us leans on the door to prevent accidental opening.

As we left for our walk, going the opposite way from Tiko, he came back into sight. tiko barked at him. Tail flagged, body went stiff in arousal, head erect and he pulled faster to get to the train tracks so he could sniff and pee. Tiko went home and we had our walk with no further incident.
Shamas is being a real pain today, barking every time he hears anything outside. There was a thunder and lightning storm last night...maybe he's still stressed. Or maybe he's reacting to stress from the Car accident on Friday. He was in the back. He seemed Ok, and was grinning every time we took him out and put him back in. We went from the site of the accident over to a different parking lot, so we could get under lights and see the damage. He's not been in the van since, as we don't want to chance taking the family out in it. Still waiting to hear back from adjusters, brokers, etc regarding repairs. The first shop said 6,700 to fix it. From what we can tell it's only worth 1200.

The big question will be whether they give us enough to get something cheap, so we can get back on the road. I'm sorting out logistics right now-dog food, people food, etc. I have a butcher, baker in the immediate area. And a Pet store that specialises in Parrots who is willing to order me dog and cat food. He can get me Merrik Limited Ingredient formula, which I'll pair up with Iams
We just got charged at the park by two off-leash Shephard pups

We saw them, and decided to leave, but they saw us before we had a chance to get out of there...and charged hackles up! Shamas was on a double-length lead, thankfully, and responded in dog-park fashion, facing them and taking an "I'm BIGGER THAN YOU!" stance, and air snapping as the lead dog reached him. He followed it up with a confident "and also, I was just leaving" and turned his back on them, walking off with great posture and tail and head high.

They two pups, whom I would estimate at about 4-6 months, turned and headed back about 30 feet to watch us leave, sniffing where we'd been playing.

Poor AB though....She feels like a pair of gigantic monster dogs charged us, and walked home shaking. She's on the PS3 now, destressing
Still doing well with Bob. I took him outside because he was beginning to grumble at His presence outside, so he went out and said "hello" Then the neighbours 2 doors down pulled in. I remembered that they mentioned that they take their dog with them everywhere, so I was going to take Shamas in, but as I got him to our side of the van, he flopped in the grass and wouldn't get I stood at the ready with treats.

When he realised the dog was out of the car, he started to fuss, so I said "Shamas, sit!" in normal tones. He sat, and I threw treats on the grass for him..he liked that, and was having fun snuffling. Almost no fussing and no growling. No lunging. When the dog was inside, I took him back over to Bob's place to continue the conversation and he had a good roll in the grass.
lol poor Shamas. We were walking home and I saw him take a stalking mode, so we crossed the street..then I hear "ROH ROH ROH ROH!" and this little 15lb something or other is lunging at the end of it's front yard tether, and Shamas is hiding in a tree, watching with his tongue out.

I don't think he was overly bothered, he was wagging his tail, but he was definitely unsure of how to react. I feel like if this were a dog park he'd have run off and come back more cautiously.

The guy came and got his dog, and hubby laughed it off as no big deal. It wasn't aggressive or anything- just yappy
I went over to the emergency vet and explained our situation. They let me buy two cans of their fancy gastrointestinal formula canned food. Shamas is now looking at his bedtime plate asking for more lol. I'm way off schedule due to the stress of the accident but I fed him at 9 so he hardly needs a middle of the night feed lol.

I have a ride out to pet smart tomorrow for his normal food~good thing too, vet food is five bucks a can due to its specialised formulas.
So we're walking home from the corner store...and it's stressful enough for Shamas to be left outside, but at least it's nowhere near a main road, this one. It's just not on his beaten path. I'm working on setting up a second "beaten path" for him-one that doesn't involve crossing the main road, for his high-stress days. (this is not one)

Anyway, we're crossing home by the church, and Shamas is pulling a big, he just wants to go home. A woman crosses towards us, and Shamas hits the end of his 6 foot lead in a hurry! Tail tucked, body crouched, fear signals clear as day! I don't know what he sensed, but I had my hands full all of a sudden. And I'm talking to Shamas, telling him "It's Ok, she won't bite, come on.." and this woman's like "He's fine-he just wants to be petted":headbang::facepalm:
And I'm looking at Shamas, and thinking *If she takes one step towards him in this condition, he might actually bite-he's terrified of her for some reason*

SO I put on a friendly smile, and say "Nah, he just wants to run ;)" She asked if he's a rescue, which I confirmed, and she said "Oh you never know what THEY'VE been through and she goes on her way so we were able to move on ours

Thank goodness!

*hightails it the last block home*
Shamas was a bit reactive today, but well behaved. Bad weather again.

He didn't react to the other dogs on the walk, but refused to talk to people, or let them approach. Except Bob. that was funny. He had his tray and was like "I'm gonna say "Hi" to Bob.....oh no wait, he might take my tray...I'm going home instead"
I wish my camera wasn't buried in my bag today

Shamas carried his peanut butter cookie all the way home in its bag.

The best part is, when we got back, he asked permission before taking it under the table! He stood there with his cookie in his mouth and made eye contact, wagging his tail and grinning. I told him "go ahead, you can have it" and he took it under the table

I didn't teach him that...I think?
Teaching Shamas "find it"

He doesn't understand what he's supposed to find, but he's learning that if he sniffs out the general area that I'm standing in, he's going to find a toy hidden.

I'm working on object naming using the question "Shamas, where's your ball? Find It!" Once he couldn't find it and brough me his pumpkin, so I asked again and squeaked the ball in it's hiding spot

Aside from making a mess of my bed, snuffling around in the blankets, I think this is a great game XD Have to find better hiding spots as he gets better lol!
Feeling really frustrated the last few days.

Shamas seems to be "going off" constantly. People passing by, the neighbours two doors down with their dog, Old Charly, the mellowest lab you ever a distance of nearly 100 feet :/

I know we've been under a lot of stress..and he's probably affected by it...but having him constantly tripping off for apparently no reason is making everything so much harder to handle.....I'm having to cut his walks short, as he tries to attack other dogs..keep the dooors shut, so he doesn't menace dogs and people walking by......everything we dealt with at the start regarding the aggression. I'm actually considering muzzling him on walks, but for now I've decided to keep to morning and evening when other dogs are generally not out.

He was great at the dog park today...we took him there to run him out in a neutral space. Just in our area, like always. My friends thinks it's territorial
I learned today that Shamas has a feeling for the weather.

I went to put his harness on him for his morning walk, and he just belched at me and laid down, refusing to co-operate. No problem. It's not uncommon for him to belch at me if he doesn't want to do something I ask. And I wasn't feeling well anyway-hadn't been since last night, when the weather front moved in. I'm sensitive to air pressure, and I'm feeling dizzy with this particular front.

Later, we went to the mall, and I felt nauseated every time I was outside....and I found out we'd had a heat advisory with base temperature of 32 and humidex of almost 40 degrees, or something like that O-o! No wonder he didn't want to go dog! I thought I was just feeverish...didn't even THINK to check the weather network.....

Apparently the advisory is in effect for tomorrow too, so we'll take him to Petsmart and keep him in house or yard for the rest of the day. I keep the house set to a comfortable 23degrees.
Weather is much nicer now. I'm trying to adjust Shamas to the back to school schedule, as well as the possibility of my going to work. It will be shift work, so I won't be gone all of the time...and Kevin is on he won't be left home alone the whole time But my availablitiy is set 9am-10pm, so I'm trying to move his morning walk up to about 8am.

So I got him up this morning, and took him out right after breakfast...and at 9:30 sharp he got really upset......"MOM! did you forget??? it's time to go out! Why aren't you leashing me.....:sad:" and was pacing from the door to the diningroom where I was cleaning, ears back and worried face.

Maybe tomorrow I'll take him at 9 instead of 8....see if that helps? I've told hubby he might have to manage the 9:30am walks, if Shamas doesn't adapt. His other really important one is the 8:30-9:30pm walk. Anything in between is kind of optional, and he can go in the yard if need be.....though I usually have an afternoon walk weather permitting, it's more optional.

I'm also looking into busytoys-Shamas doesn't really have many, as he doesn't get left alone for more than an hour or two and if he gets bored, we walk him or take him out back for fetch. I understand that a bored dog is a destructive I'll need to buy him some toys for when hubby is sleeping
I landed the job! Orientation was today, and my first shift is Monday. :D

I have made arrangements with my son for Shamas' walks when I can't do them. $2 per walk, added to his normal allowance...which means that he can start racking up his own income until he's old enough to work in a few months. He's happy. I'd have offered AB..but with her fear of dogs, if she saw another while out, it's likely Shamas would "go off" and she refuses to walk him on a controlled lead. Gives him 6 feet on a back harness clip, which I don't trust out alone. I'll ask her to take him into the yard to play while I'm working, and pay her for that....or put her in charge of feeding.