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we had gud warlk ths mornin it woz raiyning relly hard an we did get relly wet an a bit durty and we all skipped and laffed in the raiyne then me an Coco plaiyed chaisey in the howse wiyle mum woz in the white warter troff an Coco did jump an liye down on the sofa wer we ar not alowed no we ar defnitlee not alowed on the sofa an mum did get owt of the troff all wet an drippi an she did shoo Coco off the sofa, she maiyde tutting noiyses an shaked her hed liyke her eers miyte hert.

- Meg(an) Sparkle - 4th best Collie


Queen of Turnips
Devon, UK
Ono Lillee, I’m sorry yore back leg has been staypulled. Will yoo get lotsan lotsov treets an fussin?
I bin to the vet too fora likkel cut on me paw, the vet laydee was nice an I got lotsov treets then we wen on a walk an I had to wear a funny boot. I tried to kickit off but no such duck. Lots more treets tho.
I hopes your leg is lots betta soon.

Liks an bounces,