A very agitated Bear - and effects of Suprelorin

Cassie too is a lover of a plant pot! As a puppy she found them terrifically exciting!
The puppies LOVE plant pots (and the plants in them, but let’s not get into that….). Cupido was playing with a plant pot when I was on a counselling session video call, then the wind picked up and started blowing it around. My god he was going crazy at it! Barking and pouncing on it! I so wish I’d taken a video :giggl:


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Reuben to the other Forum dogs enjoying their plant pots:

I love this movie and this is one the best lines (one of many) :cwl:

Friends of a friend (very well off) were asked if they wanted to invest in this 'little' movie when it was first being discussed. They said no. Their 100k investment would have netted them many millions. Oops
Day 8 - he's back to being a bit bonkers so maybe those hormones are really fighting each other now. Got completely stressed out for 2 minutes when he couldn't get to another dog on our walk (just sheer frustration and over threshold) and sounded like a mix of Cujo, Fluffy and Cerberus (not actually sure what Cerberus sounds like, but you get the drift) Not sure if the implant will help this, or it will just have to be time and training. Back to normal after a few minutes so it wasn't a long lasting thing.
The collie to Bear's left is the one he was obsessed with and pined over for hours. He's had two walks with her now and also a few hours back at the dog walkers house with her . Walker says he's a changed dog , and reacts no differently than with any other dog. We will be getting the Suprelorin implant renewed!