Deaf? Eye ulcer.

Poor Snowie, I hope the antibiotics work very quickly. As an aside, Rourke was castrated at about 19 months old and has never put weight on, I make sure of that and he is the most dreadful scavenger!
Thank you for all support. ❤

The vet on duty said he could have a whole paracetamol every 8 hours if necessary. She also said that if the first paracetamol didn’t take effect within an hour, she’d give us tramadol. Yesterday they closed at 6pm and we’d never get there in time due to afternoon traffic. She said she’d leave it under the mat! So sweet. A lovely old-fashioned feel!

Anyway, the paracetamol kicked in and we didn’t need the stronger pain meds.

Yesterday afternoon I felt he needed a little stroll just to get his body moving, push things along in his intestines. We went out into our cul de sac. He kinda ambled and stopped a lot. And then my neighbour who he adores came out with her dog. And wow he became animated. And then ran into her house to inspect her dog’s bowl. Unfortunately no food in the bowl (usually it has leftover pellets). She said she could put some in so that he’d eat, but her dog was barking and very jealous (medium mixed breed, black and longish hair, perhaps collie x GSD). Not aggressive at all, but she makes it known that she is not impressed with this regular intruder! Anyway, it livened things up and Snowie came home and ate a bit of dinner.

Hasn’t eaten much. Doesn’t want the roast chicken! But will eat the premade minced raw food that we buy from time to time when I’m too lazy to make up meals myself. It contains minced muscle meat and organs, ground bone, veg, fruit, and herbs and spices. He usually polishes the bowl clean. Yesterday for supper he managed a few mouthfuls. For breakfast now he only ate part of it, but enough. While he was eating he suddenly had to go wee and then made a poo (two small soft slugs). First poo in 2 days! Came back and I coaxed him back to his bowl. Ate a bit more but not all of it. Took all his meds (antibiotic and Rimadyl) in butter. And also ate his turmeric mixture (which he spat out yesterday). So things are looking up. Lay patiently while I put in the eye gel (the eye seems like a thing of the past!). Will do the ear drops later, just too much all at once.

He slept so well last night. I think the paracetamol worked well. We gave him another dose when we went to bed.

The antibiotic dose this morning did my head in!!! 1/3 of a tablet. Thankfully we have a pill cutter. I cut it into quarters. Then thirds of one of the quarters. Seems so obvious. But early this morning I had a moment of extreme mental gymnastics trying to work this out! 😆
I’m ecstatic to report that Snowie woke up this afternoon ravenous.

Mid morning we did a short walk to the park around the corner where he sniffed and marked and made a small poo. Then he wanted to come home. He licked a few bits more of his breakfast and then went to sleep.

Now, he woke up and I gave him some dry biscuit treats. He was very keen. Then I gave him a small amount of pea curry with carrots and potato and he licked the bowl clean. Then he went to stand at his fridge where we keep his raw meat and meaty bones. It’s also where the roast chicken is. So I gave him a helping in his bowl and he licked it clean. And promptly went to stand at the fridge again. So I gave him more. And then he came to share my fresh fruit salad. I’m so relieved cos he was looking so skinny and “threadbare” (his coat is looking awful, shedding a lot, not sure if it’s seasonal or due to the stress of illness).
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Very glad that Snowie has got his appetite back - I imagine he must be feeling a bit better. I hope the antibiotics do a complete job on the infection.
Thank you, yes he’s a million times better! Appetite back to normal, thank goodness.

But he did sleep in with us. We all must’ve been exhausted. Lights out last night at 10.30pm. Woke up around 7.30am and stayed in bed till 8.30am. And then he went back to sleep after breakfast.

But was keen to come out at 11.30am with my mom and me. We did a very short walk along the beach road and he was very energetic. Then we went to a coffee truck overlooking the ocean and he went up to some guy and begged for his muffin, and was very generously rewarded with huge pieces and then offered the entire rest of the muffin, which he ate cupcake wrapper and all. Not feeling sick anymore! I should’ve been horrified by the begging from strangers, but I was delighted he felt so good!

When we got home he had a dip in the pool so I used the opportunity while he was wet to shampoo him with the antifungal shampoo that the vet treating his eyes and ears said we must do twice a week. She was worried he will develop folliculitis over his whole body, which requires months-long antibiotics. He’d been chewing his rump area. But since taking the painkillers and antibiotics for his prostate, I wonder whether the chewing in that area was pain-related to his inflamed prostate? He hasn’t been itchy at all since the treatment began. And I asked the vet whether these antibiotics would treat his ears and skin, and he said probably not, they’re targeted. He also mentioned that ear infections must be treated with topical antibiotics, that oral antibiotics don’t reach the ear canal.

I have to relay an amazing thing I just learned! The vet treating his ears said we must use ear cleaner twice a week. But she didn’t want us to squirt the liquid in from the bottle cos it can suck up the yeast and bacteria and cause cross contamination. So she gave us 1ml syringes and said to inject 1ml into each ear, using separate syringes. I tapped out all the air from each so that I wasn’t injecting a bubble into each ear. And wow!! What an amazing way to insert ear cleaner into the ear. When using the bottle, there’s a relatively loud blast (being right in the ear!) when I squeeze it, which Snowie hates. And then I’m never sure if I’ve squeezed any fluid in or how much. But with the syringe, I could stick it into the canal, direct it in the correct direction towards the nose (the vet was very precise with her instructions), and quick plunge and it was done. My husband was plying treats, but honestly, it was the least stressful way to do this and I don’t think Snowie minded much. Now let’s hope it helps get the gunk out so that he can hear. 😞 His ears are massively improved, the left ear canal isn’t swollen almost shut like earlier this week.