Doggy brags

Lately I have been volunteering one day a week on an organic market garden and Cassie is able to come with me. Her not barging through the rows of veg was something of a concern for me but she has been getting the idea brilliantly. All the sit and wait steadiness stuff I did with her as a puppy has come to the fore and she is waiting patiently while I do whatever task I am asked to do. Once that is, she has carried out her task of rousting out the rabbits which have recently found a hole in the boundary fence! She settles down well afterwards!

Of course, she loves the kitchen area and people being around. Yesterday one of the youngsters who works there said it was just so lovely to have her around, that her happy face and endlessly wagging tail cheers him up :happy:

(I don't think flipping open the compost bin is really brag worthy, so I'm not going to mention that :giggl:)