Doggy brags

Neo had his first ever ‘sleepover’ last night and it went really well, I’m so pleased! Due to his ongoing anxiety issues, we haven’t left him with someone else overnight before, if we need to stay away he either comes with if possible or one of us just doesn’t go. He’s come on a lot and as this time we weren’t going too far and only for 1 night, we thought we would give it a go. My brother kindly stayed overnight with him and other than some (likely exaggerated!) reports about hogging the bed, they had a great boys night, including pizza apparently! 😂
Such a proud doggy mom moment. We had a family bbq at my cousin's house who has a yellow lab who is 9 years old who is unfortunately overweight and has a noticeable limp, and he has never been fond of other dogs, as long as they stay away from him he is happy to be in the same yard or house and won't go after them, but if they get in his face he will tell them off.

So Hugo initially trotted over puppy bowing and wiggling, trying to give kisses, and he was very quickly told off by this dog. Hugo immediately went belly up and continued to wiggle while on is back. From there on he would get within a foot or two max when walking by. Couple hours later they chased a ball together but Hugo let Charlie get it each time. At one point during the chase game Charlie snapped and he cut Hugo's nose, just a little cut but still... So I was upset by this but Hugo didn't show any distress what so ever.

Side note, Charlie had taken Hugo's ball right when we got there and held it captive for 4 hours, and at some point Hugo had stole it back after the game of fetch, Charlie obviously left it somewhere and Hugo took his opportunity! Anyways, so Hugo is under the table playing with his ball quietly and Charlie is about 8 feet away and notices that Hugo has the ball. Charlie watches and then lets out a few whimpers... WELL my sweet 9 month old puppy army crawls slowly under the table and once he was about 2 feet away, he used his nose and nudged the ball a few times to get it close to Charlie! Charlie then reaches for it and Hugo gets up and trots over to me and sits down. We were all in such disbelief, it was the cutest thing :inlove::heart: