Doggy brags

We took Chewie to my aunty's house for lunch today. There were 12 people there including us and two other young kids, in quite a small house. Chewie was so well behaved. Just puttered around and eventually fell asleep. Oh and got kisses from some new lady friends. 🤣


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That's so massively impressive @MrChew. Maxx is a nightmare anytime there are 'noo frens'. He loses his furry mind for about 5 or 10 minutes, leaping, lurching and barking and that is normally just enough time for us to get the horrified looks. But those who know him love him and I am so proud of how he acts around my 98.5 year old Dad who didn't like dogs until he got to know Maxx. I think I've posted this pic before but it's a great one



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Today it's actually sunny and warmish so much to Joy's delight we had a stroll down to the river so that she could have her first swim for a while.
After a few ball fetches we were joined by two young women and Dobby, not their dog, but his owner was at work, so they were walking him.
Dobby was a lovely lad, just two years old and slightly smaller than Joy, a bit of a mixture, probably some Pointer in him. He was gentle and sweet and Joy liked him a lot. They were watching Joy happily swimming for her ball and decided to see if Dobby would do the same. (I didn't like to say anything, but he really didn't look like a swimmer to me) Anyway, his ball was thrown in and despite encouragement, Dobby was quite simply NOT going to go out of his depth and we all watched as his ball moved slowly but steadily in the direction of the small weir, after which it would be lost. I was thinking 'Could I get Joy to rescue that?' and decided to have a try.
Step one was to get her to drop her ball, which she obligingly did when asked. Step two was to draw her attention to the ball that needed fetching. I have taught her 'watch' so I asked her to do this and threw a stone near to the ball. Once she had spotted it I said 'Find it!' and sure enough, GoodGirl that she is, she swam out and fetched it, to cheering from the two young women with Dobby. The final step of course was going to be to persuade her to part with it, which was where I anticipated problems........but that was when she became the Goodest, Bestest GoodGirlJoy ever. Without a word from me she carried the ball back to Dobby and dropped it by his front paws! The two women were saying things like 'Oh my God, that's the cutest thing ever! She's so good! How did you teach her to do that?' As for me, well I was suddenly overcome with slightly wet eyes!
So that's my Doggy Brag for the day and I couldn't be more pleased with her and proud of her!🥰❤❤