Harleys arthritis


Bristol, UK
I too am very relieved that she seems to almost be over this illness. She’s been very demanding and cheeky today as I’ve been at my desk work. She keeps pinching my slippers, the dustpan brush, my trainers and anything else she can find to run off with!
Her poo is still squiffy so am monitoring that closely and she’s still on a bland diet which she isn’t too happy about now!
I’ve just caught up with this thread @Naya. I’m so sorry Harley has been so poorly. I was so relieved when I got to the end and found out she was eating better and best of all getting up to mischief. :clap:
Good news her bowels are solidifying @Naya. You’ve probably tried wet food but Chappie is often recommended by vets for dogs with upset stomachs. My vet suggested it for Scout when he had a very bad sickness bug and was one of the few foods Scout would eat when his digestive system started to go due to the anti inflammatories for his laryngeal paralysis Chappie also stinks so may entice Harley to eat.