Harleys arthritis


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If there is a B&M near you @Naya Chappie is cheaper there.

I’m glad she’s eating the Chappie. Like I said the smell is usually quite enticing to a dog :wasntme: It’s also pretty bland. I always have couple tins Chappie in stock along with the pro kolin. Fingers crossed it stays down. Do you still have some esomeprazole left ? The vomiting bug Scout had was a bad one. He was given esomeprazole and antibiotics for two weeks. When they finished he started vomiting bile again first thing in the morning so he was put on another two weeks of the esomeprazole. It’s stops the stomach producing acid so helping it settle. If none left it might be worth getting more. You can give a dog Nexium which you can buy from the chemist and is basically the same and you can buy esomeprazole from the chemist even Tesco sells. In fact when Scout had to have it with the anti inflammatories the vet told me to get it from the chemist as it was cheaper.:wasntme:
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How is Harley gong on, on Chappie @Naya
It seems to be helping. She hasn’t been sick at all today which is great. :happy::happyfeet:
@Jennifer I have got her some esomezaprole so hopefully that is helping too.

We think it might be the food she is on (Pure). She was fine with it previously, but think it is the new bag that we opened on Christmas Day. I’m going to contact them on Monday.