Maxx is unwell


Devon, UK
Oh poor Maxx and you guys, you must be worried as heck. Hopefully the ultrasound will give you some answers and Maxx is more comfortable very soon xxx


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He had a good feel in his bottom and took blood and urine tests and everything came back perfectly ok. He did a nice poo just before they left so that was a relief. The vet isn't sure what it is but he gave Maxx an injection to help his tummy and he has two Cerenia tablets to take tomorrow and Sunday afternoon that are to help with vomiting. Strictly chicken and rice, no treats (eeeeek) and if it continues x-rays and ultrasound early next week

I wish the other vet had been as thorough on Monday but what can you do

Thanks for your good wishes, it's so hard isn't it? The air-con is on so hopefully he can cool down and rest now. It feels like tropical Queensland outside, the humidity is crazy
Glad the check over went well and the tests done came back good. Maybe he has a bit of heat stroke? Hard to say at the moment but as said above, hopefully what ever it is fixes itself and he’s back to normal asap :hug: :thelambiesarecoming: