The Kennel Club - no hoomans allowed!

Bad news. I am on a diet. No extras. Not even pastry - my very favourite I did have some yesterday. My last. I went to the Bum Lady today who juss looked down me ears (an she did give 'em a really nice massage with medicine, it was bliss). But Mum did make me stand on the weighing thing and she shrieked and declared "Diet for you Big Man".

- Coco. Hungry Coco.


Biscuit Tin Guardian
Today I bit a Bee. Mother wos not wotchin, she wos too bizzy eatin her tee an I saw a Bee, so I had a little chew at it. Twas a Veryvery qwiet Bee, not buzzbuzzbuzzin at awl. Did not taste speshully nice iver. Then Mother saw an she sed Nonono Joy! Don't Bite Bees! Dropandswop, dropandswop! So I dropped it like a GoodGirl and got a bit of Coocumber from her tee. Twos nicer than the bee.:bee::hearteyesdog::dug:
So that wos today's advencher.
Yor frend
GoodGirlJoy xxxxxxx