We Need You! 101 ideas for things to do on restricted exercise. The GREAT forum Summer Challenge!

Number 97. Shaping the hold - this preferably will be a "sausage-shaped" toy, dummy or light dumbbell. You initially keep a gentle hold on the article. click for nose touch, then progressing in small steps until you are marking the dog holding in their mouth. Finally closed mouth with quick hand release – remember not to mark the behaviour until your hands come back to the toy/dummy.
Oh yes yes --just exactly what I need to go back over, thank you!
The breathing one is a Leslie McDevitt thing.
Start off by holding a treat in front of the dog's nose. Watch the nostrils. As they flare, feed the dog. Don't use a marker word or click. Repeat - you should see the dog start to realise that they're getting fed every time they inhale, and then they dramatically flare their nostrils, which is hysterical. Then, you fade the treat and put it on cue like normal. My cue is me pointing at my nose and taking a deep breath myself (although I never finished off this behaviour - I might do some more at the weekend :)
100? I’ve no idea if this conforms to rules and @HAH has sort of mentioned it but slightly differently; I combine ‘middle’ with walking between my legs, so the cue is “middle” and as soon as she’s there I start walking and Plum walks with me and has to match my pace, no speeding up or slowing down, no sitting until game over.
expand just a little
Put the dog to sit, ask her/him to wait/stay while you scatter some treats. Instead of using verbal cue (find it or whatever) to release the dog to them blow a hunt whistle to search a small area.
We learnt it on the graded course, as an add on to the stop whistle. Blow stop whistle and then do as above, it helps build up good thoughts about the stop whistle, that something nice happens afterwards. Helps with the idea that stop means "look at me and I will tell you what to do". Cass loves it, I have to remember how many treats I've scattered so I know when she's found them all!! You can make it more difficult to find the treats as they get more confident. So they are using their brains and noses a lot.
@Jelinga introduced me to the "hunt a small area" whistle back last year when showing me a small "snipe" dummy for Cassie to find in cover, which she loves to do, but doing it with food is good aswell. The first time we did it with food Cass was a bit unsure as to whether she was being released, but I used my eyes to look down and she soon got the hang of it.
Hope this makes sense, feels a bit garbled!