We Need You! 101 ideas for things to do on restricted exercise. The GREAT forum Summer Challenge!


Thank you @HAH! The challenge was supposed to take all summer! I can't believe how quickly the forum got to 101!!! Just incredible!:celebrate::celebrate:

Over the next week or so ( bear with me, next week I am on a course...) I will collate all the ideas, tidy them up them launch on the forum.:clap:


Devon, UK
Found this super resource. Lots of things you can do with your dog on crate rest, or needs to be indoors for any length of time. :)

This is absolutely fabulous @Beanwood , what a great discovery! I’m going to work through this over the next year :D I love the muzzle cupping, and the dumb bell discrimination, and the sustained nose push...so much fun.
Thanks for sharing.