Homer being sick


Devon, UK
I am sorry Janet, I wish it didn't have to be this way but you loved him so well and sent him off in the best way possible. Sending you all the comfort and support you need right now, we're all with you xxxx
Many tears here... My deepest sympathies to you. You know you did the right thing, but it is so hard to let go. Big hugs to you - any one of us who has taken that last trip to the vet with a dear friend is holding you in their heart right now. xxx
Oh I’m so sorry, you did everything you could and then some. Homer was so lucky to have you as his mom. As hard as it is to make the decision, it helps a little when they guide you to that final choice and you know it’s time ❀ Homer will always be with you, run free beautiful boy 🌈:heart:


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So sorry to hear this Janet. It's a horrible situation to be in but you have done what's best for Homer, and that's all that can be asked of any owner. Take care of yourself and try to focus on all of the great times that you've had together.
I am deeply saddened to read your post, you worked so hard to do the very best for him. It was very moving to read about his last moments, he sounded so content and slipped quietly from this life. He was well loved.