I hope Harley continues to make steady improvements. Having a poorly dog is the pits. I hope you are all sleeping better and that she is beginning to be able to move about more comfortably.
We found the soft blow up cushion collars much more comforatable for Homer and it was easier for him to move about with out getting stuck between furniture. Although they aren't as wide so she may be able to find a way to reach her leg.
Hugs of support to you and Harley.


Bristol, UK
What a week! Harley had her stitches out eventually. First vet appointment showed it hadn’t healed enough so had to wait until Friday just gone. Harley has decided that she hasn’t had a major operation and that she can walk / bunny hop / run as soon as I open the pen slightly! She hates the support strap we are using to take her weight so tries to run before I can get it under her!
Today has been the hardest day yet. This morning she kept barking every time I had a phone call ir meeting. At 11am I took a very long break and we led in the garden under the shade. When we went in she plonked herself down by the patio doors and proceeded to lie down. it was so warm I felt bad putting her in the pen and a few days ago she led nicely next to my desk whilst I worked. Today she decided she would wait until I took a call and decided to escape out of the door and into the garden. Once I managed to get her in I closed the door and turned fans on but she just wouldn’t settle so I gave up trying to work.
I am hoping it cools down a bit tonight as she was really restless last night too.
Only another 5 weeks to go to see the surgeon!
Aw she’s feeling quite good already, that’s good news, but makes it a lot more difficult for you of course. Do frozen kongs keep her busy for awhile at least? I would definitely buy a few so I could kinda streamline them every 2-3 hours on those more difficult days (or all days).
Sounds like Harley is feeling better which is fabulous :clap: Unfortunately not so fabulous for you trying to keep her quiet, calm and entertained. :facepalm:


Bristol, UK
I managed to have 36 hours at my daughters seeing her for her birthday (it’s actually tomorrow) and spending time with my beautiful granddaughter who is 10 months old now! She’s crawling everywhere and standing holding onto things. She likes dancing/ pulling drawers (they have safety locks luckily 😂). She is adorable and now holds her hands up to me 💕.
Harley stayed home with my OH and chilled (mostly). Today she’s decided that she wants to try and have a mini hoolie, take herself in and out of the living room to the garden as soon as I open the door - the harness starts off under her but she moves quicker than I can do I end up dropping it so as not to hurt her. I really don’t know how we can keep her calm for another 4.5 weeks! She has 2 small meals a day and the rest in 3 frozens! She just seems to want to get back out doing things.
A photo of my beautiful granddaughter 💕



East Sussex
Lovely photo and I'm sure you enjoyed the break from 'nursing'. It's great to hear that Harley feels so well, though of course it must be so hard to contain her.
So glad you’ve been able to spend time with your daughter. What a lovely photo of your granddaughter!
it’s good that Harley is feeling much better - I hope the rest of the recovery period isn’t too challenging!
@Naya I know it must be difficult for you trying to keep Harley calm, quiet and sensible if not near impossible but what a relief you’ve got your Harley back :clap: Your granddaughter is a real cutiie.:hug: